Patios & Walkways

Building Outdoor Living Spaces

Espinoza’s Total Landscape is not just a lawn and landscape company. We also specialize in many hardscapes services. One of the hardscape services is Patios, Walkways and Paths. From materials such as flagstones, pavers or even crushed granite. We know what it takes to build a hardscape that’ll function to last. Especially since we know its an area that’ll be walked on the most. 

Whether it’s for a residential home or even a commercial property. With us you can be assured the installation will be completed properly. Our team will take the steps required and also take our time considering that this type of hardscape is a key component for an outdoor living to take place on. 

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Let Espinoza’s Total Landscape handle your next project. After consultation has taken place, we will then create a 3D rendering design to present you how the project will look like before the work actually begins! Give us a call at (405)633-2098 or fill out our contact form so we can begin your dream landscape.